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The success of Summit Records Management purging services program lies in our approach to provide an alternative to traditional salvage purge programs offered by other medical records management companies.

Summit Records Management specializes in purging services, which can make a substantial difference in revenue.  Rather than having your staff purge on an ongoing basis, Summit can conduct a salvage purge of your system in a matter of days.  This can save your facility hundreds of hours in labor.

Our HIPAA trained personnel will also identify specialty files such as mammography and pediatric patients that require continued retention.  Film will be removed “as is” in the master jacket.  All paper jackets and reports will be destroyed according to HIPAA regulation.  This eliminates the cost on shredding and disposal of your paper reports.

Summit utilizes only our own HIPAA trained employees.  We do not outsource personnel in purging, collecting or loading of materials from your medical facility.  Summit staff is trained in records management with knowledge and experience necessary to effectively and efficiently handle records for destruction, and your business associate agreement is executed upon request.

If the medical center currently is storing radiology records at a storage vendor’s location, we can assist in reducing storage costs via salvage purges. Summit has worked harmoniously with many facilities while providing services that compliment your current storage vendor’s services.

Summit also relocates entire filing systems (records & shelving). This service can be provided for radiology, medical record and/or any department with document storage.

Summit is fully insured and carries workman’s compensation, liability and vehicle insurance.


Summit Records Management is a trusted name in compliance readiness.

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