Northeast Reclaiming Services, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Recycling Center in Derry, NH

3 Corporate Park Dr. Unit 4 Derry NH 03038


Certified Destruction Services:

Certified Destruction:

  • Recycling of paper is destroyed by shredding, pulping and milling. This process also ensures patient confidentiality.

Purging & Sorting Services:

Purging & Sorting:

  • Bulk removal of film in envelopes
  • ​Selective color-coded yearly purges
  • Smart purges from individual files
  • ​Sorting specialty files for retention (Mammography, Pediatric, ETC.)

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Relocation Services:

Relocation / Renovation:

  • Rotations between file rooms

  • On-site or to Off-site locations
  • Entire file rooms or segments or specific years.

Interfiling Services:​

Minimize the risk of lost or misfiled records.
Interfiling Services:

  • ​Terminal Digit Systems

  • Alphabetical Systems

Additional Services:

Shelving & Storage Systems:

  • New and Used units delivered and installed
  • Storage boxes and racking
  • Designing warehouse distribution systems

Storage & Related Services:

  • Records storage and retrievals
  • Data indexing and age dating of records
  • Digitizing individual studies to entire systems
  • Electronic transfers and/or CD burning
  • Services tailored to compliment your current storage arrangements

If the Medical Center currently is storing radiology records at a storage vendor's location, we can assist in reducing storage costs via salvage purges. Summit has worked harmoniously with many facilities in providing services that compliment your current storage vendor's services.

Summits approach on the handling and collection of designated films for destruction and salvage will be tailored to meet the individual needs of your medical facility. Containers will be provided as needed to collect and transport material for destruction. If the designated films are in jackets and are grouped on shelving or rackng, our HIPAA trained personnel will be able to purge records off storage units, place them into containers and load trucks.