Storing Off-Site
(At a Storage Vendor's Facility)

  • Advice and consultation at not cost
  • Services tailored to compliment your current storage "contract"
  • Coordinate logistics directly with your storage vendor to expedite services.
  • Reduces Hospital staff's time and effort in managing purge projects.
  • Reduce or eliminate storage costs.
  • Reduce handling costs to get records out of storage.
  • Increase returns on scrap films

Your purge project may qualify for our

An all inclusive service that improves revenue and cuts costs as summarized below:

After Summit

Before Summit

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Storing On-Site

​(A Medical Center Managed Facility)

  • Advice and consultation at no cost
  • Saves the medical center labor costs to purge outdated x-ray records from filing systems, identifying and saving specialty exams (i.e.: mammography & pediatric files).
  • Saves the medical center labor costs to sort film from paper materials
  • Saves the medical center costs on the certified destruction of PHI on paper reports and master jackets
  • Increase returns on scrap films


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Summit Records Management has served the medical industry SINCE 1990.
Our NO COST PURGE PROGRAM has been used successfully as a cost savings initiative and as a performance improvement program for many major medical centers.